Monday, June 27, 2005

Hydrozyme 250T

digestive tract-homes
but you always say "track-homes"
my stomach hurts bad

our boy is gone now
replaced by nothing at all
dogs and the childless

I learned a new trick
on how to consume sorrow
without the burning

was life ever full
enough to make up for
all this drastic loss?

There are millions of unwanted animals! Want and love is not enough!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Galerina Autumnalis (one of the three destroying angels)

Randall had driven his Datsun 610 out onto the frozen lakebed before
He knew to stay within 100 yards of the shoreline
Even though the lake was only 300 yards across
But tonight they had managed to stuff six people in the car
Trevor had Callie on his lap in the passenger seat
Nina and Greg were already making out in the back
And Sheila kept her eyes locked on Randall's from the back seat
Jokingly, but not
Randall asked if he should go for it
Trevor couldn't talk because he had Callie positioned exactly right
But Callie said, "Sure, man. What do we have to lose?"
(and the sad thing is, Callie really did have nothing to lose)
Nina and Greg, keeping true to their future idiocy
Chanted, "Do it! Do it!"
And Sheila, through the rearview, made a "Home Alone" face
And winked at Randall
Letting him know that the outcome did not matter

Take a risk with your friends! Friendship is temporary!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Henbane (Hyoscyamus Niger)

When you feel the world is closing in
And your burden weighs a ton
When the guilt and shame of your past sins
Makes the Devil think he's won
You must remember you've got something
That can make that Devil run

When the light of life has lost its glow
And the candle's short on wick
There's a little secret you should know
A sleight of hand, a ruse, a trick
You'll need a scalpel and a crucifix
A bit of henbane, sage, and sticks

Now the Devil isn't stupid
So you'll have to do this right
Or you may as well just give up now
If you're not willing to fight

So you wait until September 4th
A day of questionable significance
And you draw a seven-pointed star
On the kitchen floor. Magnificent!
Then you call the Devil out from hiding
From a Starbucks out in Michigan

There is no Devil! Super-Devil!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Grossly Inadequate Carotenoids

I looked in the cupboard for the adequate carotenoids
I could not
For the life of me
Find them
I looked even deeper
On the lower shelves
(behind which many an onion
or potato
has softened into inedibility)
And I could not find them

I lowered my standards
And searched for the passable carotenoids
Lo and fucking behold
No sign of them, either

So here I am
Once again settling
For what you have left me
Hidden behind the cinnamon sticks
We bought for the mulled cider

I know in my heart (and really, I do)
That inside this oxidized Tupperware
Are grossly inadequate carotenoids
Meant to make me feel small (it worked)
And to ruin my life

Being thrifty can save you a bundle! Broken glass...ouch!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


So this Lebanese doctor
Tells me he took his wife to the Cher concert
"She's Armenian! And she's so sexy!"
And I don't quite get it
Because there was no Middle East when I was young
Listening to Half Breed and then
Glenn Miller and Herb Alpert
There were Indians and cowboys and Mexicans
And our Sears console stereo
Did not leak blood or smell of shit
And I would stuff a pillow in my pajamas
Pretending I was fat

Seduce a friend! Regret is a type of cheese!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hot Lipids

human woman breast
landslide in Laguna Beach
a crib from Target

it all starts with milk
the ground literally shifts
to make room for life

we draw warmth closer
and rebuild on the faultline
this building is strong

Good friends have babies! Have a baby!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sat. Fat

In my dream I was surrounded by concerned people
All of them faceless
White people
Without benefit of face
Yet concerned about me

The doctor in the group told his interns
About how I must be really depressed
And it was true
About thirteen expressions of concern
Each face a hair-framed Ganzfield
Every one of them focused on me

The dream is over now
Of course
And I have lived through the day
Knowing that all dreams bring with them
Some truth
And when I sleep tonight
I hope those thirteen faceless bastards
Bother someone else

Stare at an American Flag! The blue color is the absence of feathers!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Larry King

He fights for the strong
While destroying the world
He should have been buried
Buried alive
He eats human flesh
As part of a bizarre ritual
And he drinks his own urine
And that of others, too
Why won't he die?
Why wasn't he buried?
Buried alive!

Television is the cure. Disease is the disease!