Monday, October 20, 2003


Well it seems like Prissy's flown the coop! That's the charge they're making, Scoop! Tell me now if Prissy's gone because I like to watch her mow the lawn. I thought you'd keep an eye on Prissy, but it seems like you did not. If I'd have kept an eye on Prissy, I would have what she has got. That is what I would have caught--all the things that Prissy bought.
(gets real slow and moody here)
Prissy was great with plants. On important issues she took a stance. And boy, could Prissy dance. Maybe that's why she took a chance and bought a ticket out of town. Maybe that's why she threw the notion of romance back into the face of the funny clown.
(picks up speed; almost frantic now)
Prissy Prissy! Prissy!! Blah blah blah! Busy busy busy! Ta ta ta! I missy missy missy! Lawn lawn lawn! Prissy Prissy Prissy! Lawn lawn lawn!

These nutrients are almost more nutritious when they "rock" out! Quit bathing!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Charles Shaw (tannins)

Blue-red debit card
A feast laid out in nature
Transient smell-test

Yellow-blue starlight
A map overlaid on coal
Freerider problems

Jacket-yellow bug
Coins toss well-water to you
Cold buildings follow

A corkscrew makes a good defensive weapon! Keep your guard up!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Kava Kava standardized extract (Piper methysticum) (root)

lee baca
.......................................marshal, will, and holly.......

Meet you at the pylon!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Charcoal (activated)

The picture on Colonel Chapman's wall was most definitely me. I scarcely remember visiting Palm Springs, let alone driving one of the new Buicks. I do remember blowing through those red lights...the power and magic of simply slamming my right foot onto the pedal; feeling my calf cramping and hearing the engine give off magic sounds...sounds that (i)t was meant to make but nobody ever had the balls to give (i)t what (i)t wanted. Then I was at the Marriott Courtyard and you were bringing me really old magazines with Canada Dry ads and Revlon and Merit ads also. Your protests made me stop the car. I don't remember if it really was a Buick.

Activated charcoal is easy to make, just burn some toast! Buick!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Borage Seed Oil (old skool remix, featuring Carm'L)

When I'm all up inside you, yeah, I can feel your seeds
Your borage seed oil
Is what I need
I figure with the pressure
I can expel or expresser
You, ooh baby, you
You, ooh my baby, ooh--you
Ooh you, you, ooh baby, ooh
Yeah oh you, yes ooh
Now do I have to explain it, baby every night
Your borage seed oil
(to get it, ooh yeah) is the fight of my life
You know I'm always lovin' on you
'Cuz I know you're always holding
A drop or two
You, ooh baby, you
You, ooh my baby, ooh--you
Ooh you, you, ooh baby, ooh
Yeah oh you, yes ooh

Get out and dance now and then! You'll feel sexy!