Saturday, February 07, 2004


Not a root but a calling from childhood
"It's on the goldenrod"
Well it's time to set the record straight:
I was the one who sniffed the mimeograph ink and, yes, I got really high.
I was the one who left the popsicle stick in the yard (I don't remember doing it, but it had to have been me).
I let Tiffany out of the back yard the day she got hit by the car.
I took a swig of my dying father's opiate cocktail (and I'd do it again).

(B)orrow money from a friend. You shouldn't drink!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Haiku Dog Prozac

Cosmo is so calm
Like a weight has been lifted
Canine on psych meds

Who am I fooling
The dog is not suffering
This world is awful

What beast of nature isn't?
West coast punk rocker!

Mentally healthy
My wish is to be the dog
Shitting in the yard

Ritter is a non-issue! Screw yourself!