Friday, May 27, 2005

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

The first-line oral agents let me down
Didn't they?
Now I'm just another 21st-century
Pus-draining neo-leper
Haiku Pus-Draining Neo-Leper
skin becomes a myth
when component parts dissolve
nature liquifies

I tried to scratch off my nipples as a child! Still got 'em!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Today's nutrient utilizes a new technology to bring nutrients into your body. It is experimental and should only be read if you are willing to chance a possible meeting with the Manager.
Transmitter/Recipient (Sheraton Hotel Remix)
You cannot argue that the goverment wants to believe us
Because sometimes a trapdoor is tripped up
And dead government agents must be pulled quickly
To the relative safety of calmed water

Taking too much can make people hate you! Taking too little can leave people at the dance club!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Mercury (79 24' Flair by Fleetwood)

Live the dream
and bring your home with you
24 foot motorhome with strong 440
and less than 60k miles on engine
Death forces sale
First $2000 cash takes it

Why bother trying? Craigslist poetry rules the roost!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Darjeeling II

Drunk friend tells me to fuck off in an email
Which makes sense, since I never came through
On my promise to "have my brother's back"
I do not have my brother's back
Because these "brother's back" promises
Are extracted by tipsy surgeons
Initially hailed as successful and life-saving procedures
Of which they are neither

Do you have my back? Then let go.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Vanadium [Gut-Punch (R)emix]

I thought about you, baby
When I went to the stadium
You were sniffing glue
At the Hollywood Palladium
I went to the game
And you went to the show
And while you were busy huffing
I was scoring some blow
I cut a couple lines
On the top of the urinal
I could taste the baby powder
Nothing these days is pure and I'll
Bet you forty dollars
That you didn't get laid
Because the apron you were wearing
Said "Molly Maid"
A girl came in the bathroom
She had real long legs
She said if I made bacon
She would handle the eggs
I told her I had dough
And I would gladly make a fritter
She had the body of a goddess
And the face of John (R)itter
Then I thought about you grooving
With your face all full of sticky
Keistering the tube of Testors
Wasn't all that tricky
Then (R)itter lifted up her dress
And I saw the devil
It was like looking in a mirror
With edges that beveled
I ran and caught a taxi
Yes I got away clean
Until the taxi driver
Pulled out the Vaseline
That's when I pulled my nine
And I threatened his life
He said "I've got three kids
And a beautiful wife
I have cracked lips
Which explains the product petrolium"
I accepted his answer
So we went to the Bowlium
He rolled a perfect game
I rolled a 205
And every day I wake up
I'm just glad I'm alive

Most nutrients come in some sort of wrapper. Don't let a rapper come in you!