Sunday, May 01, 2005

Vanadium [Gut-Punch (R)emix]

I thought about you, baby
When I went to the stadium
You were sniffing glue
At the Hollywood Palladium
I went to the game
And you went to the show
And while you were busy huffing
I was scoring some blow
I cut a couple lines
On the top of the urinal
I could taste the baby powder
Nothing these days is pure and I'll
Bet you forty dollars
That you didn't get laid
Because the apron you were wearing
Said "Molly Maid"
A girl came in the bathroom
She had real long legs
She said if I made bacon
She would handle the eggs
I told her I had dough
And I would gladly make a fritter
She had the body of a goddess
And the face of John (R)itter
Then I thought about you grooving
With your face all full of sticky
Keistering the tube of Testors
Wasn't all that tricky
Then (R)itter lifted up her dress
And I saw the devil
It was like looking in a mirror
With edges that beveled
I ran and caught a taxi
Yes I got away clean
Until the taxi driver
Pulled out the Vaseline
That's when I pulled my nine
And I threatened his life
He said "I've got three kids
And a beautiful wife
I have cracked lips
Which explains the product petrolium"
I accepted his answer
So we went to the Bowlium
He rolled a perfect game
I rolled a 205
And every day I wake up
I'm just glad I'm alive

Most nutrients come in some sort of wrapper. Don't let a rapper come in you!

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  1. Happy MAy DAY! Is allso called Bel excuse allso called "Beltane" in soome Pagan (fuk Jebusus- culltures!

    that cool huuh? Life goo if ribbons rouun a Maypole (-with mmany wiiking an a nod to tha JoE senes of Humoor> - it (famou senese of humoor) geet you evver time huh?!

    lif goooooood!