Monday, May 29, 2006

Kelp Beds and Memory Foam

your clear directions are written in clean white beach sand
against black asphalt
I use a broom to disperse the four foot F and move on
to the U
you are not mentally compromised as far as I can tell
though arguably obsessive
my arms getting sore as I sweep the C into the gutter
a passing truck turns the K into an R
your perfect kerning has not been lost on me and I move on
to the next set of san serif dunes
and the O is impossible to fully distort
becoming larger and fuzzier yet still discernible
unlike the two remaining Fs
I stand with a pushbroom in our driveway on Balboa Boulevard
in the ruins of our sandcastle

Memory foam.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Dream Crusher

I feel a strong kinship
To the remorseful killers I meet
If we could take it back
We would
We would unload the gun
Or look at ourselves and laugh
Knowing how much worse it could be
And we would be so thankful
To have another chance to live
Without the malignant, tugging ghost
Of our own creation

Try listening to the sounds of the ocean. There's peace in there somewhere.