Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lingua Yeast (infected language)

I hate you
But I will not set fire to your house
Because my hate is total weaksauce
I actually do not even know you very well
But nonetheless, I hate you
And your car is safe
I will not cut your brakeline
Or soak your A/C filter with ether
Because at the end of the day
Hating you is not worth my time or energy

You will have gastritis. And I will cackle with glee!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Arsenica Lingua (poisoned tongue)

You cursed me in four languages
Yet I criticized your dialects
You told me I could go to hell
But I chose to stop at heck
We all choose a path
Whether we want to or not
The path you chose for me was wrong
I kid you not
At the base of the foothills
We both showed our hands
A flush beats a straight every time
So here we make our stand
I will not
I cannot
Concede control
And you should not
You must not
Let me know that you know
You must not and cannot
Let me know that you know

The goths were right all along! Adult cutters are kids in training!