Thursday, January 26, 2006

Frosl ("osl")

car for osl
left bank osl
terry cloth osl four-bank
lemon-four terry cloth osl bank

ten alito osl four-bank! car osl!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wild Harvested Crystal Manna Blue Green Algae

Love, like essential products, is about taking risks
Passion, much like those things we must have, is about saying "Yes" and saying it often
Will you walk in that puddle?
Yes. Yes I will.
Will you offer the toothless man a backrub?
Yes. Of course. Risks...yes.
And whenever you open the refrigerator, will you declare that you've found the raccoon?
Yes. Yes on the raccoon find refrigerator pledge.
Trust, very much like Wild Harvested Crystal Manna Blue Green Algae, is about purposely bruising your thighs and claiming you were attacked by a forest animal (most likely a rabid deer)
My bilateral thigh bruises occurred during an assault by Nature's Mammal.
Will you win the battle with the mammal?
Yes. I will win. I take risks and I will win.

Trust and passion alone make for a very weak milkshake. Try adding a silica-based catalyst.

Monday, January 09, 2006

January Mistweed (fortified brain-nubby)

You brought me a parcel from "Francie"
She sent me a little "Faux Grox"
You, being so clever, knew I would not eat Grox
Planned the whole thing
You knew I would throw the package down
**In Disgust**
And Francie would be but a memory
She with her poultry hair
And an air of despair

Oh contrare! Oh Sinclair!