Friday, June 27, 2014

Zinc: Things Have Changed

The cats are dead
They were better to me than I was to them
I do not miss them so I must be an asshole
The oldest dog is dead
She had a name, but it makes me cry to say it
The name is/was Ruby
I can write it and not cry
Which says a lot
As far as the relation to zinc
There is none
I just miss my girl

Most of the life around you will not outlive you. Congratulations.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Zinc: Children of Zinc

You had your brother's Bob Dylan albums
Wrapped in butcher paper
Like they were meat or lamb
And you had work done on your nose
So it's a sure bet that nobody should trust you
I had used an Arby's coupon
As kind of a fake tattoo
But nothing like a real tattoo
In fact I lied and there was no coupon or tattoo

Your nose is like meat or lamb! Your brother was a great man.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zinc. Regular

We left Portsmith with our memories intact
No creatures from an extremist Hell cursed our thoughts
Or so we thought
We got home and the ice maker started to rumble
Cubes of frozen blood destroyed our old fashioneds
The devil did a devil dance to mock our illusion of safety
If only we had known
That a house without prayer is the Devil's home
We'd have rented instead
We'd have avoided the headaches and rented instead

Use tramadol to control moderate pain. Continue living for moderate pain.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zinc. Just fucking zinc.

We got the zinc through Amazon Prime
Fast delivery in a large box
We have never been happier
Every day since the delivery
We have discovered new things about our selves
And each other
Every night we give each other the "zincy" eye
And are comforted that once we run out
The next batch of zinc is only a click away

Use zinc on your cock. If you fail to have a cock, use zinc on a pan or a plate.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Black Box Interactions

She asked me if it was coming in from the sides
and that kind of question only meant one thing
I told her that everything would be okay
and she gave a little laugh and said "not likely"
She had been off her meds for almost three months
and told me daily about how good she felt
"My mind is unclogged" and "I can finally feel again"
and I purposely believed her because the alternative is way too sad
Nobody even noticed when she had restarted her meds
the doctors were exactly where we had left them
She tries to tell me that things are better now
and I think a hidden thought inside, "not likely"

Use a caring look to see past the abyss. It never really works now, does it?