Monday, May 29, 2006

Kelp Beds and Memory Foam

your clear directions are written in clean white beach sand
against black asphalt
I use a broom to disperse the four foot F and move on
to the U
you are not mentally compromised as far as I can tell
though arguably obsessive
my arms getting sore as I sweep the C into the gutter
a passing truck turns the K into an R
your perfect kerning has not been lost on me and I move on
to the next set of san serif dunes
and the O is impossible to fully distort
becoming larger and fuzzier yet still discernible
unlike the two remaining Fs
I stand with a pushbroom in our driveway on Balboa Boulevard
in the ruins of our sandcastle

Memory foam.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I think the sand was trying to spell the name "Brooks"...

  2. Anonymous11:15 PM

    It spells FUCKROOF