Saturday, June 25, 2005

Galerina Autumnalis (one of the three destroying angels)

Randall had driven his Datsun 610 out onto the frozen lakebed before
He knew to stay within 100 yards of the shoreline
Even though the lake was only 300 yards across
But tonight they had managed to stuff six people in the car
Trevor had Callie on his lap in the passenger seat
Nina and Greg were already making out in the back
And Sheila kept her eyes locked on Randall's from the back seat
Jokingly, but not
Randall asked if he should go for it
Trevor couldn't talk because he had Callie positioned exactly right
But Callie said, "Sure, man. What do we have to lose?"
(and the sad thing is, Callie really did have nothing to lose)
Nina and Greg, keeping true to their future idiocy
Chanted, "Do it! Do it!"
And Sheila, through the rearview, made a "Home Alone" face
And winked at Randall
Letting him know that the outcome did not matter

Take a risk with your friends! Friendship is temporary!

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