Friday, June 24, 2005

Henbane (Hyoscyamus Niger)

When you feel the world is closing in
And your burden weighs a ton
When the guilt and shame of your past sins
Makes the Devil think he's won
You must remember you've got something
That can make that Devil run

When the light of life has lost its glow
And the candle's short on wick
There's a little secret you should know
A sleight of hand, a ruse, a trick
You'll need a scalpel and a crucifix
A bit of henbane, sage, and sticks

Now the Devil isn't stupid
So you'll have to do this right
Or you may as well just give up now
If you're not willing to fight

So you wait until September 4th
A day of questionable significance
And you draw a seven-pointed star
On the kitchen floor. Magnificent!
Then you call the Devil out from hiding
From a Starbucks out in Michigan

There is no Devil! Super-Devil!

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