Monday, June 20, 2005

Grossly Inadequate Carotenoids

I looked in the cupboard for the adequate carotenoids
I could not
For the life of me
Find them
I looked even deeper
On the lower shelves
(behind which many an onion
or potato
has softened into inedibility)
And I could not find them

I lowered my standards
And searched for the passable carotenoids
Lo and fucking behold
No sign of them, either

So here I am
Once again settling
For what you have left me
Hidden behind the cinnamon sticks
We bought for the mulled cider

I know in my heart (and really, I do)
That inside this oxidized Tupperware
Are grossly inadequate carotenoids
Meant to make me feel small (it worked)
And to ruin my life

Being thrifty can save you a bundle! Broken glass...ouch!

1 comment:

  1. This marks something like the fifteenth time Visual Nutrients has completely fucking saved my fucking life. Thank you.