Friday, April 08, 2011

Mittelbach Translation

how does one say "happy birthday" to a life form
brought forth from an aerosol with the word "reddi" on the can?
or is it more of a question of knowing, rather than saying?
do we (I) ask these questions already knowing the answer?
we (I) do
we and I do because of the tenacity shown by both John Ritte(r)
and Ed Asner (postmortem)
Ed's speech at the Lynyrd Skynyrd memorial was weak
like mary when she bought the wrong gift and freaked out
GIRLS LEARN BY CRYING is the message and the message is wrong
we (I) have known this
since the time we (I) went to the dairy section of Vons
and sucked the nitrous out of about 12 cans of whipped cream
and stumbled through the Hartz (toxic) pet supplies
toward the cash register
to get that precious pack of Winstons
so the we (I) could look contemplative and smart
when wishing you a happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Stella! Use nitrous oxide!

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