Thursday, April 07, 2011

Coal Tar Oxidized with Nitric Acid (from ammonia)

I keep reading your posts from McMurdo Station
about your stupid plan to name penguins
after your favorite post apocalyptic science fiction authors

I print out each email, tweet, and blog post
(so much for the paperless future!)
and use a Scotch® Permanent Glue Stick
to create kind of a scrapbook of your thought patterns
that I can show to you when you come back to me

but for now I am content to wait here
with the knowledge that you still believe
that distance is some sort of buffer zone
and that I will somehow find forgiveness in my heart
after seeing that photograph of you
a sardine in each hand
sandwiched between Peter Watts and Nevil Shute

Use words like "archivist" when talking to authors. You smell like a library!

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