Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Quinoa Protein Concentrate

First off, let's just accept what's going on:
We've got inclement weather
We have aspirations that exceed our true potential
We have a fifteen-year history of motivational speakers
Addressing our aspirations

So here is the perfect storm:
Our aspirations need yardwork, i.e.: trimming
The weather is unpredictable
Potential is completely reliant on the following formula:
Resilience = r
Tenacity = t
aspirations = a
output (actual consumables, be it words or music, etc.) = o

So: r(o) + t(o) + a(o) = product
Product = history + weather in summation with rta(o)

And we rebel while mundane grains monopolize our maple syrup.

Try writing a book without content! Pussy!

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