Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mantle Pinching

tire-store Dave rose to the sediment surface
his adductor muscle twitched like an unbalanced P195/65R-15
on a Chino side street
his swollen mantle edges flared and billowed (which is not easy)
and he was in serious danger of gaping

Dave was in some pretty big trouble
fortunately, Dave's coworkers were bivalve nurse-specialists
they did a quick test of his watery meats that showed unusual blistering
and the slime-net query yielded several possible treatments

customers at the shop, however, were growing restless
all had been fooled into buying three and getting one free
and were surprised that a full complement of tire-store employees
held skill-sets that were worth a yearly six figures at any fishery
on either the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf Coast

yet they all worked here at this Azusa, California tire store
tan and fit, holding both wrenches and stethoscopes
working to rescue Dave from a parasite unknown
while the Mazdas and Fords stayed perched on their lifts
high and safe above the sediment flooring

Try ordering two entrees for yourself on your next date! Pig!

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  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    This one is *sexy*! (tire store men)