Thursday, April 17, 2014

Variola Major

We joined the Wound Boy ashram
To chant the battle cry
We raised our voice for Wound Boy
Lord please don't let him die
Wound Boy is a natural boy
Born of love
Born of joy
We chanted in the evening
To save the Wound Boy's life
If he had just been strong enough
He wouldn't have broken out with plum-sized pustules that were firm and non-weeping
And spiked a high fever and scabbed over
With those scabs falling off
Like little brown potato crisps
Infecting thousands
That would, in turn, infect thousands
Wound Boy is a single boy
Without a wife
What woman would marry
The unwitting destroyer of humankind?
Not any woman with a strong sex drive
And a deep respect for virology

Meditate at least once a year. Use Barbecue Flavor Pringles® as a Eucharist alternative!

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