Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organically Bound Minerals (with kelp)

She asked me about four times if I was a cop
I told her she was the cop and that she smelled good
She asked me why I thought she was an undercover cop
I told her I had connections in the force and that I thought she was pretty hot
She asked again if I was a cop and I said, yeah I'm a cop
She said she was a cop, too
I said yeah, I know and I'm pretty sure I love you
She reached beside her hip and pulled her Tazer out
She removed the dart cartridge and pressed the steel prongs of the main unit into my ribs
I told her again that I loved her and she leaned in and kissed me
It was an awkward kiss that was so soft and genuine that my heart fucking melted
She pulled back and smiled while she reholstered her Tazer
We've been together for over a week now and I really think it's gonna work

Never forget that you're being deceived! Arrest your genitals for crimes against humanity.

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