Thursday, March 31, 2011


another enzyme overdose assigned to Phil
thus wrecking his marriage
we could blame his drinking
we could even blame her dastardly sandpaper trick
but on even casual examination
the enzyme overdose is what split them apart

the real tragedy is their known child
a daughter named Lamp
she would watch her father in the basement with his specimens
rigid human forms in filthy, clinging hospital gowns
Lamp wears a hospital gown these days
but only gets visits on weekends

so we have the obvious tragedy of a broken contract
because of a man who loved his profession and drank profusely
and because of a woman with a 5.5" x 9" half sheet of 60 grit
and then we have the emotional evisceration of a young lady witness
who came to understand the appeal of the inherent rigidity
of each and every enzyme overdose

Use respect as an apéritif. Use the word apéritif to sound like a dick!

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