Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beta-Cryptoxanthin (Delta's Blues)

Delta Burke's husband provided cover while Steve and I retook the uniform store in the recently revamped Mountaingreen Center with Kohl's as an anchor store. Smocks littered the floor and did a lousy job at soaking up the blood of the enemies. The rest of the unit would have to wait until we secured the entire stripmall before they could bring in the Shopvacs for cleanup. The Shopvacs were vacuums that cleaned both liquids and solids. It's surprising you didn't already know that, but I imagine you're still thinking about the smocks.

haiku smock thinker
you really need to get laid
to stop the smock think

Two-thirds of our squad survived the retaking of Kohl's #42. Me and Steve. Delta Burke's husband was killed and therefore died. Breaking the news to Delta was a job I gave to Steve because I knew he had feelings for her. Better to lay the groundwork for her weeping-widow seduction scenario with the guy who deserved it. Steve. Steve deserved it.

Try letting go of your anger and just let a wave of peace wash over you. Didn't work for me, either.

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