Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Affirmation kills the sports representative
Bloody and dead before he could utter the nine words
Affirmation stands, stupid, with a potato ricer
The blind child of Affirmation, Little Chet, is effeminate
Posing sexily in the undergarments stolen from a mummified corpse
Dirty bandage over tiny man-stuff
Chet is a model for the future
Chet knows the NINE WORDS but will not reveal them to Affirmation

Sweet nothings really are nothing.

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  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I've been running low on ideas the past weeks so I've taken a(n) (h)iatus from writing this parasitic blog--I just felt I needed to respond to all the requests I've been getting for new posts. Thanks for letting me know you're reading! Here goes!

    Brad Shitt wants to see the Small Faeces reunion show at the Pube-adour. He remembers when he could enjoy a night out. Rarely he'll go to enjoy anything now that he's famous. Now that he and Jenifer splitt and she's in Browntown languishing.

    Always remember to conceal your true identity on behalf of the fans.
    And hide your special area when going out for a night of fun.
    Exercise extreme unction when in public
    and burnish, wax and shave your true identity and special areas for concealment at all times. Don't reveal them to anyone.

    Not even Jenifer down in Browntown.

    Stick to the VIP seating at the House of Pubes. Look: you'll have to miss the Faeces alright?