Sunday, January 23, 2005

Swine Oil (no swine harmed/coaxed oil process)

So it's a tough call, basically
On whether to respond favorably to someone with a gracious nature
Or to dig a little deeper and find out they've ruined lives
And taken lives
Like, with a gun
And it makes me wonder what it is I'm really supposed to be doing
But they conflict
And each person I speak with
If it isn't with others (and most often, it's not)
It is with themselves
Because nobody wants to believe
That their actions really do make a difference
That being said
I miss talking about (R)itter
Those were the carefree days
When my (n)eck was sore
But now I have a hard time conjuring up Mr. Ritter
And I don't even think I'm angry at (h)im any longer

Thinking adds to the conflict! Try being useless!

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