Sunday, January 16, 2005

Incipitos (Ted Nugent Volatility Theorem)

we have, in a box
an old Remington pistol
with two boxes of ammunition
otherwise known as bullets
or rounds, as it were
outside of the box--is us
in a neighborhood so dangerous
there is no question what we must do
it takes us days to build the dummy
Dummy stands thirteen feet tall
limbs made of old sheets
wrapped around pillows and trash
Dummy's body is actual flesh
from our heist at Albertson's
where that girl kept mouthing off
and throwing off our concentration
and we had no choice
but to carry her over

Dummy's head is from a comic strip
two-dimensional and black and white
except on Sundays

Nutrition begins with self-health! Every morning, say "I'm self-healthy!"

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