Friday, October 29, 2004

Candy Corn (diabetic child mix)

Stupid fat kid
Your parents are dumber than you
But that makes no difference
Because you are a future diabetic
I can't wait to see your gangrenous foot
I can't wait to tell you what you shouldn't eat
And what you should
Stupid fat kid
Why're you so goddamned dumb
Fat as a fucking house
If there's a hell, your stupid-ass parents are going there
But you are too
Because genetic/familial lines are a valid but poor excuse
How can we ever move forward as a society
If we keep relying on valid yet poor excuses
I wish you weren't so goddamned fat
I wish you weren't so goddamned stupid
I wish your father would've pulled out or worn a condom
You stupid fat little shit

Fat kids will destroy America! The second amendment is meaningful!

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