Tuesday, May 06, 2014


I took a half tab of Nuvigil
So I wouldn't fall asleep and die on my drive home
But now I'm wired
Legally wired out of my fucking gourd
And I want it to stop
I want to feel tired and normal
Hell, I've always wanted to feel normal
Even though the medical community
Has deemed me eligible for sanctioned drugging
And even though they want me to take this shit daily
It's been three months since my last use
And now I remember why I've avoided it
Yeah, this nutrient sucks. I know.
And maybe it just tells you straight up what's happening
Which makes for a bland analytic
But I have nothing else to give you
Other than a glimpse into my discomfort

And yeah, I could explain my sleep disorder
But that wouldn't change my current experience
Nor would it change my decision to stay alive on my drive home
But it may assuage my self judgment
By fishing for platitudes
Using a barbed #12 treble hook
Loaded with Pautskes Balls of Fire and a touch of Zekes

Use drugs on fish! You are what you eat!

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