Thursday, June 09, 2011


NovaForm Gusset Memory Foam™ Pillow Set
considered filing for a transfer
the job had always been a challenge
but this day would have pushed anyone in his situation
to the brink of insanity
what, with all the attention being paid
to the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizer™
she got her own demo table across the aisle
from the Resveratrol™ samples
while he sat, boringly stacked
in a vertical bin, no less!
his display cutaway model was more of a deterrent now
since countless stupid children with filthy hands
had rammed their digits into his patented SpringBack FoamCore™
he was starting to understand the appeal of being online only
like so many of his friends had already done
to relax in the solitude of a drop-shipment warehouse
NovaForm Gusset Memory Foam™ Pillow Set had a plan now
with his sights set on the dream of a brighter future!

You spend too much. Create a "dream map" so you stop fucking up your future!

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