Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cinnamon Bark (Westonbirt School)

you met her at the mop fair
and seduced her with your funny dance
the dance where your feet move so fast
Haiku Love at Kemble Junction
your mop fair flopsy
left her panties on the train
you old codger, you
Cinnamon Bark (Apologies to the Westonbirt Graduates of 1974)
In no way was this nutrient supposed to accuse the schoolgirls of being "easy targets" for street-dancing con artists. But the circumstances do make us wonder about where they were on the train when they clumsily undressed one another. And what of their relationship now, 37 years later?

Young love can kill an old man just the same as a young man can kill an old love. Stay in school!

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