Thursday, May 05, 2011

Glucansucrase Enzyme (Bronson Canyon Remix)

cake impurities
compound icing songs of love
spiracle musics

We didn't really think of ourselves as criminals. There were four or five of us from the same high school clique. We were teenagers out to have some fun and we had an incomplete understanding of consequence. It was 1981 and the orange groves had been torn out of the rocky Claremont soil to be replaced by tract homes. We had set out to steal some advertising flags from the myriad construction sites and then use the stolen flags to "tee-pee" a friend's front yard. We drank Henry Weinhard's beer and drove around gathering flags on that crisp October night. We listened to cassettes of the Clash, Visage, and the Zippers. When we finally had about 15 flags, we draped them all over our friend's lawn. Nothing bad happened to us.

Use memories as a way to gauge your current satisfaction with your life! Oh wait...don't do that.


  1. 'wait...don't do that.' Too late. I did.

  2. see? those of us who made our younger years places only an idiot would revisit look like pretty smart cookies now