Tuesday, April 12, 2011


These dissociative identity vitamins aren't going to reintegrate on their own!
So let's dissect and label each component in order to map out our strategy. We will afford each component the respect and accommodations we would afford to any "stand-alone" vitamin in our care. It should be no surprise to you that many of these components are unaware of the others' existence. Once we, as professionals, feel we have a relationship with each of the components, we can begin to invite them together. A neutral venue is best, like a country hot tub (the kind made from those old wine barrels). I often keep the multivitamins in their container until I am fully relaxed (rye whiskey is helpful in this regard). I then lose interest in whatever the fuck I was blathering on about. I drift back into the grim facts associated with existing. I am tired and still have a cold and I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Good night! Vitamins use our services once they understand.

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