Monday, April 25, 2011

Ethylene Glycol (warning: explicit!)

When I sent you the spice rack
You bottled your spices

the man's skin was the color of Mountain Dew™
we thought he might have some sort of problem with his liver
but he ended up saving our lives (sniffle) and
and (sniffle/cough-ahem thing) we are oh so grateful

When I sent you the lilacs
You parsed them with lysis

he walked right through the wall like Casper®
we tried to get his attention with guns and stuff
then he used "erudite" correctly in a sentence

And now you expect me
To help with your crisis?

the first line ends with a Product™
and the next tries to "tie-in" the jaundiced man
and pass him off as educated

And when feeding the shrimp
Do we start with the mysis?

the product turns out to be Jaundiced Man™
who is able to save lives while being discolored
and is smart but undisciplined

Do we yell out "Shazam!"
Or "Oh mighty Isis!?"

Profoundly offensive missive was censored! (it had to do with the creepy old man in the motorhome sodomizing™ Billy Batson)

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