Friday, February 18, 2011

Phosphorous (not against us)

the last cathode ray tube
sat in the waiting room, waiting
all the others (the 13" and 27" crowd included)
had been taken to the back room long ago
to be dismantled into component parts
the television above the receptionist's window
a 36" Samsung LCD rig with fairly impressive specs
seemed to be mocking his screen aspect ratio
"Well fuck Samsung!" thought the last cathode ray tube
"They can pretty much eat shit and die for all I care."

the receptionist came out to the waiting room with a wheeled cart
and before picking up the last cathode ray tube
looked into his phosphorescent face and gave a weak smile
"Everything's going to be all right." she said
and she picked him up and put him on the cart
she wheeled him into the back room where he was dismantled
into his component parts

We are made of television! Sally Field has a map of your thoughts!

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