Monday, February 14, 2011

Endosymbionts (Tertiary Machine Variant)

they will goose-step through our cells
to challenge tissue/texture/structure
and they will offer an alternative

we will initially recoil
because we like to recoil
the secondary gain of the recoil
is not to be underestimated

there will be five lines in this third stanza
with each line outshining the last
by the use of simple and poignant declarations
about robots or death or loss of control
and all of these are distractions from the truth

six line stanza coming as no surprise
we have suffered another loss in our circle
and as our cohort reduces
we begin to welcome the robots as allies
because our hatred of death leads us
to put all our efforts into the lie of control

Just because I don't believe in a god doesn't mean that Kara's not in Heaven.


  1. very beautiful Joel, thank you! Devan

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Beautiful i choked up and smiled at the same time.


  3. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Joel this poem is truly beautiful and profound and you have done a wonderful thing in writing it. jd