Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hurricane force Santa Ana winds
Pulled the stop sign from its moorings
As if it were some sort of ship
Oh, were you on the Stop Sign cruise to Lazaro Cardenas?
They had a Baja Fresh "rauntlet" which is like a restaurant outlet.

Anyway, the sign part of the sign (not the post)
Was flying around the San Fernando Valley like a Frisbee
And it hit a U.S. Navy admiral's rented Kia Rio
Just below the passenger side mirror
Causing $382.00 worth of damage
Not covered by the supplemental insurance
Roadsigns bring messages to you and for that
We are not liable.

So the real story is the post
And what happened when the weak zinc-alloy bolts
Gave up the battle to keep the sign part of the sign attached
And the twenty-two pound wooden spear
Broke the sound barrier as it whizzed along Balboa Blvd.
Until bouncing and splintering on the sidewalk
In front of a full-sized Baja Fresh Restaurant

Time the people around you to find out if they are lazy! Lazy fuckers!

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