Sunday, January 16, 2011


Steve Landesberg passed away last month
Old Steve had a great gift
He could set three quarters on the back of his hand
And flip them so they all landed on heads
The good times were aplenty when spending them with Landy
His wry wit could turn any bad mood around
He was more than a veteran character actor
In fact he hated that label
Steve Landesberg was not usually a violent man
But he never backed down from a fight
Whether in a train station restroom
Or in a backlot trailer with his pants around his thighs
Landy knew how to step things up a notch
He learned how to kill in Korea
And brought those skills home with him
Unlike the child he fathered while stationed there
Jung Park finally made it to the United States
Two days late for his biological father's funeral services
Jung had never met Landy in person
They had written several letters over the years
And had recently been emailing back and forth (using computers)
Neither man had ever claimed to have eaten human flesh
Because neither had done so or felt compelled to lie and say they had
Jung could taste his own tears streaming down his face
Tears shed for the loss of a veteran character actor
Who happened to be his dead biological father

Go see a movie about your dad! Probably "Jaws" or a Peter Fonda film.

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