Monday, September 05, 2005

Molybdenum (Post-Redux)

You are so dumb
Your brain is numb
And your father? Your father is a bum
And like you, he always wants some
Molybdenum- it's the nutrient of choice
Helping the speechless find their voice
Molybdenum- from dandelion greens
Helping the helpless make the scene
Cat got your tongue?
Thinking about your mum?
You treat her like chum
Do sharks have tongues?
chorus ii
Molybdenum- taking over this town
Out on the dance-floor spinning around
Molybdenum- to some degree
Is adored by all on bended knee
chorus iii
Molybdenum- controlling your thoughts
Innocence lost in terra-cotta pots
Molybdenum- borrows your things
Book covers stained with coffee rings
chorus iii.5
Molybdenum- god is dead
All worth saying has all been said
Molybdenum- the battle is lost
The theme song's written by Mike Post

Never stop while you're ahead! You're ahead!


  1. I know I'm in trouble when the autobots' post is better than mine!

  2. JOe sayin: remmberin of song: SONG: going: ":all I wann for Chrxmas is my TWofroot tteech, my foo tfront teeth"

    WlELL! All JOe wanning from HIS Wdding: is a Nurtirent BLog: a Nutrieent Blog!

    NAME is JOe!

  3. Finally a song about chumming!
    Let's all move to Canada!