Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pope Sauce (Creamy JPII Mix)

Yes. I know.
Visual Nutrients is at an all time low.
I fell into the trap of trying to please the Seven.
The seven people beside myself that read Visual Nutrients.
Along with that, I have almost nothing to offer.
I don't care if you have the proper nutrients to survive.
Do you want to know why the Pope died?
He didn't read Visual Nutrients.
Do you want to know why Terri Schiavo died?
She dried up like a funny white raisin!
Limerick Funny White Raisin
There once was a brain-dead bulemic
Whose existence became quite polemic
I got stuck with the couplet
Because I gave up-let
Burt Convey helped move crates of Z-Brick

You see! There's nothing left. Go away!

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