Sunday, April 03, 2005

Chromium Hexavalent (CrVI) Compounds

I misread a caption in the newspaper this morning
What I read was this:
God answers all prayers and His answer is "No"
I thought I had stumbled upon some brilliant, yet embittered, theologian's epiphany that his lifelong search for meaning had been a waste of time
And then I thought about the crafty believers who would try to trick God
They would pray to remain poor or pray to not get laid tonight
Expecting the inverse to occur
Not realizing the deal would not work like that
At least not every time
Because every time one says "No"
It is not exactly what one means
No, I don't love you
No, I don't want another drink
No, I've never had sex with a chair

Try being proud of yourself for a change! You are asleep!

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