Monday, October 11, 2004

Compound Bow

wife says she's real tired
"you go out to get the wine"
hop in the Volvo

the new Interpol
finally some good music
Fall night rock session

driving and feeling
I love these dangerous streets

Nancy down the way
what on earth is she holding?
holy fucking shit!

Monday Pomona
she pulled back the compound bow
nice shot for a chick

guy went down like that
slapping at the arrow's point
he was so hurting

what had this guy done?
to deserve to be skewered?
in my neighborhood!

it was really true
Stater Bros for more wine
[explanation: "Bros" is pronounced "Brothers"]
she shot the fucker

he called out for help
he was all of, say, sixteen
he spit up some blood

I just wanted wine
not to be a goddamn witness
I just kept driving

back home with the wine
red and blue phosphorescence
beams through my windows

I feel bad for her
she really meant what she did
arrow in boyfriend

police ask questions
what happened? we saw nothing!
I love Pomona

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