Monday, August 02, 2004


So the gardeners for the people across the street start unloading the mower and edger from a pickup truck. Loud squeals and groans are coming from somewhere inside the cab of the pickup and I see what looks like a small donkey bounding from passenger's to driver's seat. At first I thought maybe I had seen it wrong. Maybe it was a developmentally delayed child throwing a major spaz, hoping to distract his brothers from their work. I walked out my front door onto the porch to get a better look through the windows of the truck. Sure enough, a small donkey was jumping from seat to seat and screaming its fucking small donkey head off. The brothers (I'm sure they were brothers because they looked very much alike) ignored their donkey and started mowing and edging. I ran back into the house and to the kitchen to get a carrot, thinking that the donkey might be hungry. When I got back to the porch, I saw the larger of the two brothers reaching in through the opening of the passenger-side window. His hand was on the donkey's ear and he was yelling something in Spanish. He began twisting the ear. The shrieks from the animal, twice as loud as before, were angry and mournful at the same time. To be continued...

Yardwork is both healthy and relaxing! Your nose is misshapen!

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