Friday, August 27, 2004

Dong Quai

"Some things rot from the outside in."
It's just a pimple. A simple pimple.
"No. I'm fairly certain I am rotting. Just look."
It's just stress. And you drink too many Diet C***s.
"Why the *s?"
I don't want it to seem like Visual Nutrients is critiquing any particular brand name items.
"So if I said Diet P****s instead of Diet C***s, you would still put the *s?"
Let's face it. Diet P**** sucks, plain and simple.
"But everyone knows what you're really saying, so why not just come out with it?"
Do you remember your dream about John Kerry?
How he told you that he would lose the debates with George Bush because the American people weren't ready for the truth?
"It was my dream. Of course I remember it."
It's the same thing here. We know what's being said, but can't admit to really saying it.
"So what does it mean when I say I'm rotting from the outside in?"
Try saying it again.
"I'm r*****g from the outside in."

Keep your insides clean by drinking plenty of w***r. E** p***** *f s****! C***!

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